About ACS

Expertise from Foundation to Finish

Stone Creek, Ocala FL Boulder Placement

As with any worthy structure, details make the difference.

How the water flows over or around the shape of a stone. The sound it makes as it moves or collects. The private spaces where water, stone and plants together create tranquility. Or, where the rush of a showpiece waterfall brings energy.

These are the nuances that come with expertise.

Aquatic Construction Services brings you that expertise, applying special skills to each water feature that add beauty as well as long-term functionality.

Long before water gardens exploded in popularity, founder David Duensing was perfecting his own construction techniques to resolve the many challenges unique to aquatic environments. Today, his team offers a comprehensive resource -- the most capable team for your water feature:

  • Broad knowledge from pre-construction through all build-out phases
  • Experience building and problem-solving on hundreds of water features of all scales
  • Specific structural, mechanical, hydraulic professionals
  • Horticulturists for aquatic plant selection
  • Low-maintenance filtration/bio-filtration designs
  • Built for long-term functionality and low maintenance
  • Complete project management from start to finish, and oversight of inter-company teams
  • Resources for all related services