Trusted Expertise for Natural Stone and Water Features on All Scales

Aquatic Construction Services brings mastery to every phase of building a water feature: from pre-construction vision and siting, to stone and material sourcing, hydraulics and filtering, stone placement, through water flow and sound, and aquatic plantings.

Finished water features are well-functioning, low maintenance works of art, making ACS the most sought-after construction team internationally. The company’s work and innovative building techniques are emulated by pond builders throughout the U.S.

Artistry in Stone and Water

Widely respected for both construction skills unique to aquatic environments and artistry in creating natural-looking features, you can retain ACS’ services with confidence for:

  • Naturally filtering swimming ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Natural lakes and streams
  • Koi ponds
  • Waterfalls and grottos
  • Exceptional stone work
  • Water feature revitalization and enhancement

All water features are designed to be extremely durable, minimal maintenance, and typically include a combination of aquatic plants and bio filtration systems.