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Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about ACS.

"Our completed water feature truly does appear to have been a longstanding natural part of the surroundings. It would be difficult to find a firm with more knowledge, experience, skills, and vision to bring such customized, natural works of art to fruition."

— Homeowners, Gainesville, FL

"Everyone who enters our yard is struck with the beauty and tranquility of our pond. We knew we wanted a natural-looking water feature, but most of them look like they belong in Disneyland or Las Vegas. Until we found David."

— Stephanie and Larry Cuneo, Homeowners, Bel Air CA

"Our project was one of the true collaboration of all design aspects. What ACS brought was a whole new level of organic creativity, making it even better."

— Joe Jannopoulo, President, Synergy Building Corp.

"We’re impressed with David’s intimate knowledge of natural rockwork and water effects."

— Christopher J. Brown ASLA, Principal, Canin Associates, Orlando, FL

"David has been instrumental in exposing an entire industry to what is possible in natural design."

— Skip Phillips, President, Questar Pools, Co-Founder, Genesis 3

"What impressed me most about David is I didn’t have to micromanage him. He and his crew are so experienced and capable, they work as their own entity. It makes taking care of all the other details of large projects a breeze — we don’t have to focus on what they’re doing, we can focus on what we’re doing."

— Joe Jannopoulo, President, Synergy Building Corp.

"The time David takes picking out specific stones for certain areas tells me that the end result will be above and beyond typical stonework."

— Aaron Thieret, Vice President, EarthWorks, Inc.

"David has a unique combination of talent and skill: the creativity to envision and design world-class water features, and the engineering and construction expertise to build lasting beauty."

— William A. "Bill" Johnson, CGCS Firestone Specialty Products Company, Indianapolis

"Anyone that hires David to build a water feature will be very satisfied with his work. It’s a luxury to have a firm that brings so many characteristics together: expertise, professionalism, dedication and integrity."

— Joan Roca, Principal, Joan Roca Master Pool Designer