ACS Projects

Projects by Aquatic Construction Services


Mountainside Waterfall
Eagle, CO
Residential Waterfall & Water Garden
Santa Monica, CA
Estate Water Feature 
Kremmling, CO
Beaver Creek, CO
Silverthorne, CO
Steamboat Springs, CO
SIE  Ranch
Kremmling, CO
Fitzgerald Hunting Lodge
Chromo, CO
Eagle Rock / Private Community
Big Fork, MT
Eagle’s Crest / Private Community
Lakeside, MT
Estate Water Feature 
Santa Barbra, CA


Indoor Game Fish Pond
Plainfield, IL
Lincolnshire, IL
Koi Pond
Sugar Grove, IL
Grand Riverside Waterfalls
Barrington, IL
Residential Waterfalls
Gurnee, IL
Entry Waterfall and Koi Pond
Cary, IL
Barrington, IL
Stone Arched Bridge and Waterfalls
Barrington, IL
Estate Pond and Waterfall
Onarga, IL
Baptist Medical Center, Fountain
Little Rock, AR
Intimate Water Garden
Harvard, IL
Water Garden
Little Rock, AR
Multi-level Koi Pond
Watseka, IL


Consulting - Lake & Waterfall
Central TX
Swimming Pool Waterfall & Slide
Coweta, OK
Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC)
Dallas, TX
Koi Pond
Bigsbee, AZ
Water Gardens and Stream
Dallas, TX


Waterwall and Coral Hardscaping Project
Miami, FL
Japanese Water Garden Consulting
Central FL
Private Swimming Lake, Lazy River and Aquaponic System
Sarasota, FL
Waterfalls and Hardscape
North Palm Beach, FL
Coral Hardscaping and Coral Formation Work
West Palm Beach, FL
Naturally Filtered, Multi-Level Swimming Ponds
Wilmington, NC
Turtle Walk, Water Garden and Grotto
Jupiter Island, FL
Estate Botanic Garden and Pond
Manalapan, FL
Gainsville, FL
Japanese Water Garden
West Palm Beach, FL
Islamorada, FL
Waterfall and Stream
Travelers Rest, TN
Aquaponics – Backyard Farm Express
Winter Garden, FL
Sea World & Disney
Orlando, FL


Altamont, NY
Rhinebeck, NY
Grand Ellipse Pond
Rhinebeck, NY
NOBE Central Gathering Park Fountain
North Bethesda, MD
Holidaysberg Veterans Home, Multi-level Ponds
Altoona, PA
Naturally Filtered Swimming Ponds
Richmond, MA
Estate Lakes and Extensive Streams
Millbrook, NY
Dover Plains, NY
Formal Koi Pond
Rhinebeck NY
Entry Koi Pond
Greenwich, CT
Estate Lake and Stream
Kent, CT
Estate Lake
Sharon, CT
New York Aquarium
New York City, NY
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
Washington D.C. 
West Alford, MA
Koi Pond
Canaan, NY
Naturally Filtered Water Garden
Greenwich, CT
Formal Fountains
Watermill, NY
Koi Pond
New Salem, NY
Estate Pond
Stockbridge, MA
Naturally Filtered Water Garden
Sagaponick, NY


Chapeltepec Zoo
Mexico City, Mexico
Waterfalls and Hardscape
Whistler, Canada
St Kitts, West Indies
Green Planet Museum
Dubai, UAE
Residential Waterfalls and Streams
Costa Rica
Waterfall and Rock Formation Development
Eustatia Island, BVI
Grand Pacifica Milagro del Mar Resort
Ross School of Veterinary Medicine
St Kitts, West Indies
Waterfalls, Water Garden and Hardscape
Vancouver, Canada
Janaca Hotel Pool Waterfall
Paramaribo, Suriname
Playa Escondida Resort and Marina
Golden Rock Inn
Nevis, West Indies
Commercial Waterfalls
North Sound, Antigua
Water Garden and Waterfalls
Christensted, VI
Commercial Roof Top Water Garden
Richmond, Canada